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Affiliation: Independent, First Resolution Services, Judicate West

Rate: $5,000 a day

Location: Los Angeles

Specialty: Mediation. Individual and class action employment, personal injury, professional liability and contract disputes.

Cases: Although the majority of Tolt's cases involve employment matters, she also is often selected in high stakes personal injury cases.

A recent case she resolved had to do with an eye injury resulting from a tennis accident. She also mediated a case involving a pedestrian struck by an auto that resulted in multiple surgeries to the plaintiff's dominant hand, resulting in a significant income loss. Tolt mediated several legal and medical malpractice cases, and lately she has been chosen to mediate a number of real estate-related contract disputes and business disputes tied to the economic downturn.

Background: Trial attorney, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in tort and employment litigation; trial attorney, partner, Law Offices of Arthur Sherman; trial attorney, associate, law clerk, Sherman & Nordstrom

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Nikki Tolt, Esq.
2008 DJ Top Neutral

2012 DJ Top Neutral

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