Mediator: Nikki Tolt, Esq.

Years of Experience: 26

Specialty: Employment, Wage & Hour, including class actions, Personal Injury, Professional Liability, Contract Disputes, including Real Estate, Insurance Bad Faith

Although the majority of my cases fall within the employment rubric, including wage and hour single plaintiff and class actions, I am also often selected in high stakes personal injury cases with challenging liability issues. For example, I resolved an eye injury case resulting from a tennis mishap and recently, I settled a hotly contested pedestrian v. auto case involving multiple surgeries to the plaintiff’s dominant hand and an unusual loss of income claim. I also have mediated a number of legal and medical malpractice cases, which always involve balancing more than traditional interests.  I have often been called upon to mediate a number of real estate related contract disputes, business disputes and insurance related claims, areas that we can expect to expand.

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Nikki Tolt, Esq.
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